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Why business analysis is so important

Since the success of entire front-end development project depends on broad range of variables such as framework and library choice among Angular, React, Ionic or other tech, end users’ reactions to solution’s interface or market demand in the industry, business analysis is recommended to be performed in advance.
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What business analysis means

Although being often underrated, the role of business process analysis in front-end production is crucial. In a nutshell, business analysis means set of arrangements aimed to explore product viability via market research, future insights and financial parameters study for loss risk mitigation. Besides, as a part of business analysis it is necessary to answer the questions about a customer:
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Business analysis instruments

During project diagnostics in HUSPI we apply certain range of business analysis tools:
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What you may count on and why HUSPI

As a result of business analysis, HUSPI’s client is supplied with most efficient optimization of front-end solution due to strategic planning, risk management, resource control etc.

Since diversity of business analysis tools, solid background in front-end development and huge expertise in scientific research, financial sector and online services are HUSPI’s hallmark, our team is at your disposal to perform business analysis of each finest prospect of the product delivered.

If HUSPI’s business analysis services can be of use for your project, you may explore our successful cases here.

how we do this


We increase the effectiveness and capabilities of your reporting, minimizing IT support costs and improving user experience for top-notch front-end products delivery.


Our technology supports the Big Data task performance with solid experience in analytical and simulation parts processing, thus despite the choice made in selecting front-end development technique – whether it is Angular, React, Ionic or mixed type, we are fully ready to draw essential conclusions on data analyzed.


When the required report is obtained, our Business Development Team helps to unlock the business value in your data using advanced scientific analytical techniques. Since success of front-end products highly depends on multiple factors including customer’s reactions, the scientific data analysis enables processing of huge volumes of personal responses.


After providing you with the result, matching your needs, we‘ll help you to apply obtained analytical data easily in your front-end solution.


On an ongoing basis we analyze business performance of the front-end solutions delivered, enabling you to monitor the processes to reach maximum efficiency.

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