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What the Cloud Will Be Facing in 2018

Although recently the emphasis has been playing mainly on the public cloud, still both the private and combined clouds are expected to grow dynamically in 2018 too. 

How Artifical Intelligence Affects Fintech

Artificial intelligence has rushed into the IT market like a swirl accelerating the operations via automation and decreasing companies’ expenditures. The chatbots are bright examples of how AI has simplified business communication processes.

Quantum Programming - Making a Step towards Future

Microsoft plans to release programming language for quantum computers – it is now up to create a quantum computer itself.

"Digital Is the New Black" - What Does It Mean for Business?

Being more "digital" has already become a widespread trend in the business world. However, how many of us can precisely determine what "digital" really is?    

Improve Your Analytics with Power BI

Don't know what to do with the huge amount of information you're getting from your system? Then this article is for you.

Two Ways to Modernize IT Systems for the Digital Era

"Companies can use two-speed or greenfield approaches to overhaul their legacy IT systems— without weakening their enterprises. Which approach is right for you?"



Open-Source: The Backbone of the Software Development

The concept of "Open-Source" was first used twenty years ago, and since then it has become an ipso facto touchstone in the software development industry.

How to Raise the Operational Capability of Your Software Systems

Since software systems have become more distributed and interrelated, vendors have to make sure software products are functional during their product lifecycle.

You Need to Optimize Your Mobile App to Stay on Top

Mobile phones have transformed the manner of searching the Internet, which brought us to a significant priority of smartphones and tablets having over desktops.