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How to Make Technical Specification Meet Business Requirements

One of the biggest intractable problems of modern software development is making technical specifications fitting business expectations.

Cloud-First Era: 10 Ways to Leverage It for Business Success

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation determines the ten most promising areas for serverless computing applications. Let's look at them.

Six Security Fail Cases When Your Apps Can Be Compromised

Majority of businesses have already adopted Software as a Service solution, the applications provided by other vendors, the cloud ecosystem and other features. At the same time, digital security is a hot topic.

Maintaining Frontend & Backend Simultaneously

Website production approaches have been progressing incessantly during the last twenty years or about that. One of the open issues keeps vendors wondering - is it worthwhile to keep front-end and back end detached.

Natural Language Processing: Definition and Corporate Benefits

Natural Language Processing is emerging in the business apps segment and this is why the software development industry is going to be transformed drastically.

Angular 7.0: What to Expect from This Version?

Angular development team concentrated on the Ivy project by recoding the compiler as well as the runtime code in order to make it more compact, improved and swifter.

When to Redesign the Software from Scratch

Is it better to leave the unfunctional software product as it is or is it necessary to rebuild it from scratch?

How to secure your code signing certificates

Let’s simulate a situation: somehow, you got the information that powerful software hacking gangsters are chasing you. 

Ultimate UI Design Trends

Since first impressions are most lasting, the role of UI becomes crucial in making users return to your website over and over again.