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The Long and Winding Path to Angular 9.0.0

In this article, we’ve compiled the changes that were introduced in versions of Angular 9.0.0-next.1 to Angular 9.0.0-next.7.

VueJS or React.JS: What is a more valuable technology in 2020?

There are many technologies available right now to choose for software development. In this article, we'll focus on the comparison between VueJS and React.JS to see which one is better.

Angular, React or a Chance for Vue.js?

There's finally a new version of Vue.js available for use. It has been released on Rever and the developers we've talked to seem very satisfied with the changes implemented in this version.

ElasticSearch: Definition, Purpose, and Advantages

We received several requests from our customers regarding the ElasticSearch technology and similar tools. What is ElasticSearch and why we think it's a superior instrument over Solr and other? Check out our blog.

Technical Documentation: What is the difference between HLD, LLD, DLD?

DLD, LLD, and HLD are technical documents. What is the difference between them and why it is important to have good technical documentation for your project?