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Ultimate UI Design Trends

Since first impressions are most lasting, the role of UI becomes crucial in making users return to your website over and over again. Never judging a book by its cover is nothing but the truth, however, when talking about internet users, the world is turned on its head. Even if the user hasn’t interacted with the functional part of the product yet, he will put “like” or “dislike” in his mind at the first sight anyway.

In one of its latest studies, Google throws light on the curious fact: about a quarter of applications and websites remain unused after first visiting them by the users. It’s not hard to guess that the reason was low-quality user interface which didn’t comply with the latest innovative UI tendencies. In order to avoid such disappointing prospects, it is highly recommended to thrive into recent user interface requirements for making your app really good-looking.

Why being abreast with UI trends is so important

At first, glance accentuating meaning of UI leads us to exterior view factor. Yet, there is more in this than meets the eye: as long as the eye-pleasing interface has to be plain and balanced, these characteristics are binding for website functionality, in particular, operational velocity and convenience.

Focusing on user’s feeling

In a nutshell, colors selected for website design and their various combinations are capable of provoking different emotional reactions being a part of human natural behavior. Moreover, these days colors play a social role as some of them may be associated with particular markers affecting user’s mood in this or that way. Analyzing your target user’s profile comprising personal preferences and social engagements you are able to create the most attractive UI.

Upscaling confidence

Sleek design and elaborate details of the website are more likely to prove to be worth of users’ trust. The refined interface shows a vendor who treats each individual user as an esteemed client being provided with a top-notch service.

Simplicity is the key

Creating easy-to-use and intuitively accessible users’ interfaces is a primary objective followed by the UI team. In particular, the number of actions performed by the user to reach necessary function has to be minimum, so your solution will be evaluated as truly time-saving and efficient.

Web UI tendencies

Below you are suggested to review the latest tendencies in web User Interface creation.

Smooth interface architecture

Here the main task is to minimize time and efforts for the transition from one data block to another. As soon as the user clicks on an option he’d prefer the desired content to appear simultaneously without long transfer to another subpage. Technically, there are various methods to achieve such smoothness, for instance, to concentrate maximum possible content embodied in text, pictures and video on the main page, thus everything could be managed as quick as lightning.

Printing peculiarities

According to the latest web typographical tendencies, big-size is a must-have. Big-size titles, huge fonts, and eye-catching pictures will definitely attract user’s attention even with no regard to website specifics. It seems that this year UI designers decided to focus on eye-popping which leads to eclipsing the content. Whether it is good or not – it’s up to you.

Accent on gradients

In fact, color gradation was on trend over the last years and this tendency is going to be preserved too. The distinctive feature of this year is supplementing color gradation with a certain portion of dynamics when transfer from one shade to another is performed during the online activities that can be a pretty challenging task for UI designers.

Pictures & photos

Taking into account the dynamics for the last years, the importance of images quality is expected to grow too. The role of exclusive and high-resolution content in website development can hardly be overestimated since it makes the application eye-catching and allows standing out against other websites using a typical set of pictures. This year two keywords will have exceptional meaning in the context of web visual content – “uniqueness” and “literalism” making your interface better than ever.

WebGL is taking a lead

Designers to find unseen methods to communicate with the users who have visited the website or application. Now the use of WebGL is gaining momentum that is proved by a long list of successful web startups generated by using this technology.

Videos are gaining popularity

As long as the video is growing in popularity among younger users the vendors are likely to stake in placing more streaming content on the websites this year. Since in this case, the principle of success is rather simple – “more video, more diversity”, here UI designers are facing technical challenges as in order to keep sufficient velocity with simultaneous video content amount increase it is necessary to introduce reinforced graphics engines. Yet, this technical issue to be resolved by another specialized team.

What’s going on in mobile UI

Mobile app development trends in terms of user interface and experience are on a roll. Considering how many mobile users there are in the world, it is taking prevalence over desktop experiences.

Staying UX-centered

Indeed, making a good-looking website is equally important for both web and mobile applications. Nevertheless, mobile gadgets are limited in terms of technical capabilities, i.e. smaller screen, less productive processor etc., therefore, the functional part in mobile products prevails. Buttons configuration, frames orientation, visual objects interconnection – all these factors have to be taken into account in order to keep the user online.

Reciprocity in practice

In a nutshell, the perception of mobile devices has already changed: from being just the electronic device significance of gadgets has shifted to almost robotic units interacting with users in a humanlike way. This potential has to be progressed via deployment of multichannel communication, Artificial Intelligence, VR, and AR.

Palette neutralization

It seems bright intense colors are falling out of favor this year being replaced with more neutral shades. It makes the overall impression from visiting the website more balanced and sedate which is a compensatory reaction to massive data flows affecting the users online.

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Why User Interface design has to be changed

Below few causes to transform your product interface design are listed.

Cluttered UI

If your website or the mobile application is loaded with multiple components both useful and redundant, you have to filter content immediately since it clogs communication channels to interact with the users and makes the product inconvenient when using.

Making your product better the others

Millions of websites and application exist on the internet and this number is continuously growing. Thus, it becomes harder to individualize your startup among others and to make it more attractive than other products. Innovative interface driven by original ideas and cutting-edge digital tools will make the difference in your favor.

Insufficient velocity

If your website’s interface is slow, the potential users are likely to ignore it after the first visit, therefore it is worthwhile to reconfigure its technical parameters to make the interface more dynamic.

Other reasons

If UI doesn’t comply with requirements of the market anymore or company’s business specifics have changed, transformations should also affect the interface design since it is a visual representation of what your venture does and how you treat your clients. User Interface is a company’s face which is the first thing users see and the primary impression is beyond price.

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