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Improve Your Analytics with Power BI

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Don't know what to do with the huge amount of information you're getting from your system? Then this article is for you.

In the electronic age, it is not enough to simply monitor and accumulate information - you need to be able to analyze it and make it work for you.

And do there are tools that can help you with these tasks? Of course! There are whole sets of theories, techniques, architectures, and technologies that make Business Intelligence (BI) and turn incoming data into useful information. One of these BI technologies is Power BI, a relatively new but cool thing.

Meet Power BI. Maybe you are already familiar - in any case, it will be interesting. Power BI - a trendy service for data analysis and visualization in the form of interactive reports.

“Power BI is, I think, one of the most underappreciated tools that we have in our entire arsenal. This thing is so amazingly cool!" from the interview with Charles Sterling.

It should be noted that working with Power BI Desktop, you have the ability to receive information in a that is the convenient format you, including files, databases or web services. You can easily sort the resulting tabular data, for example, for a specific time period or for sales of certain types of goods.

In Reporting mode, you can visualize data in several ways, create interesting and beautiful graphics and charts, while configuring different settings exactly as you need. When loading data containing geographic coordinates of objects, they can be mapped and added to the report.

This is a very useful feature if, for example, you want to check and compare the income level of several stores in the city, or even across the country. Eye-catching diagrams and charts of different types will be appropriate when displaying sales information for a certain period of time, and in tables with key indicators to build them quite easily. All graphical elements can be placed in one report. And the ready report can already be published on the portal for public access to those who also need this information.

So, it's a good opportunity to work with data interactively and keep track of all the changes in online. So, for example, you can check the sold number of plush hares in the last month and compare this data with a map indicating the stores where the purchase of these hares has been made.

Therefore, we advise those who haven't decided on the BI technology to get acquainted with the extraordinary capabilities provided by the Power BI system. This is a great opportunity for analyzing and monitoring information, monitoring data online, simplifying data pooling, searching for and sharing new valuable information, and much more. Using Power BI and software developers who will implement it into your processes, you can conveniently and easily transform faceless numbers into interesting and informative materials, greatly revitalize your reports and presentations, and make them more understandable and vivid. This will help optimize your business management process.

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