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HUSPI in the TOP-15 Software Developers for Projects in Miami

Recently, HUSPI has been named one of the top software development firms in Miami, FL. It is a great honor because we strive to provide the best client experience to our clients worldwide - from the United States to Switzerland to Myanmar. 

HUSPI Clients for software development in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Myanmar, etc.

Our history goes back to January 2014 when a single person has set up an IT consulting venture that later was transformed into a full-fledged software development company. Since the moment of foundation, HUSPI succeeded in the development of software products from scratch in many industries including MedTech and digital healthcare, FinTech, and e-commerce.

We build our web and mobile backend and frontend solutions for such clients as EasyPay (an online payment solution created by our team from scratch), REHA STIM (MedTech company with IoT and gamification), as well as products and process optimization for banking and the financial services institutions. 

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We have a team of 30+ creative associates, who specialize in web and mobile development as well as large-scale database integration. Our consulting services are delivered by two professors with over 20 years of computer sciences research background and 3 Ph.D. with fuzzy logic specialization.

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Our core tech skills include: 

  1. JavaScript and its frameworks (Angular, Node, React, React Native, Ionic, etc);  
  2. C#;
  4. Databases (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, etc.) and their integration into business processes;
  5. We also have Unity3D in our skills portfolio.

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