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How to be a successful IT consultant? Our experts' subjective advice

A lot of people with IT experience are trying to set up themselves as IT Consultants. Well, here's my personal five pieces of advice on how to be successful in it.

Do the best you can... or don't do it at all.

"Do or do not. There is no try," said Master Yoda and I agree with him on this issue. The market is dense enough in general, but it becomes a lot less dense when you consider the quality of the services. Give your client the best experience, up to par with the best world trends. 

If you can't provide the service like that, think twice before you take the projects. Once you lose the client due to bad quality, nothing will get him back.

Choose your competence area

You cannot be great in all types and spheres and industries of IT consulting at the same time.

Good news: you don't have to. 

Therefore, write down the technologies, industries, and fields that are interesting for you and where you have experience. For example, you can be an SAP guru or a Big Data project manager or you can be an amazing embedded developer. Whatever it is that makes your eyes light up with job-related passion - pursue that topic and become a real expert in it. 

One other benefit of being precise is that your clients will be able to find you easier. For example, there may be tons of IT consultants, but only a handful of JavaScript IT consultants.

Moreover, indicate the area you've chosen in your social and business profiles and, once again, simplify the search process for your potential customers.

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Work for the portfolio

If you want to become an expert, try not to aim for the biggest ever projects you can find. In this market, everything works like in an old saying: "The first two years, you work for the student's grade book, and the rest of the time, your grade book works for you."

In practice, it means that you can take a complicated project and offer a good price for it. Since you're new on the market, you can lower your prices a bit, but strive to deliver the best results. Be sure that your happy clients will recommend you and that's how you get great projects without breaking your marketing budget on advertising services.

Also, your portfolio with the client's feedback will speak louder than anything. (For example, check out HUSPI Clutch Portfolio.)

Streamline your administrative tasks

Your main service is IT consultation, but that doesn't mean that you forego all the administrative tasks. My advice to you is to set apart a day per week (or an hour per day) when you do nothing else but catching up on administrative tasks. There's nothing worse than losing a great client due to bad administrative management. 

Never waste your "free" time

Between the projects, there will be "free" time. Use it wisely. While it might be a good time to get some rest, don't think you'll have droves of customers coming your way without you putting work into it. 

Use this "free" time to develop your competences, catch up on the latest trends and world's best practices, and establish relationships with customers. 

Never stop, always grow, and hunt for your best projects.

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