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First Official Mobile App for Chernobyl with Augmented Reality by HUSPI

Together with our partners, HUSPI launched the first official mobile app for Chernobyl with AR technology – a full-fledged information resource on the history of Chernobyl and the current state of the Exclusion Zone.

There isn’t a family in Ukraine that hasn’t had a direct encounter with the consequences of this horrific disaster - either by living in the vicinity of the nuclear station in Pripyat or other small towns (and having to flee in a matter of hours), or by having some of the relatives participate in the liquidation of the catastrophe, or by unknowingly being subjected to the deadly radiation as they enjoyed the Labor Day weekend in May. However, due to the secrecy and confidentiality, there are many myths that surround the events that grow larger and more complicated. People's reactions vary - some tend to ignore the danger altogether, some start to panic at the mere mention.

Thanks to HBO’s miniseries, this topic was raised once again and became a topic of discussion all around the world, especially since the damage wasn’t localized within Ukraine but spread to neighboring countries and beyond.

The Exclusion Zone remains a precarious place to visit, not accessible without a knowledgeable guide. Yet, every year, there are over 100,000 tourists (in non-COVID-19 times) that come to see it for their own eyes. It’s an important location for both historical and cultural reasons and that is the primary reason behind the Chernobyl app.

Thanks to the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, this became possible and HUSPI is excited to become a part of the development team. 

The app has such features as: 

  • Exclusive AR content including portals to different spots around the Exclusion Zone
  • Uniquely designed guided tours by the witnesses of the events
  • Radioactive pollution map;
  • Media library with archived materials and exclusive content,
  • The cultural heritage of Chernobyl, personal stories, and artistic image of the topic.

Stay tuned to the news about the app’s advances on the official Facebook page. The team shares insights, research, events announcements, and other news.

Download the app for your mobile phone:

Download Chernobyl App with AR for iOS mobile phone Download Chernobyl App with AR for Android mobile phone

The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, the National Museum of Chernobyl, PRYPYAT.com Center, European Institute of Chernobyl.

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