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Operation digitization

        Digitization of the business operations can become extremely beneficial as it allows increasing the efficiency of using the existing resources without involving extra supplies. The effectiveness of business processes being carried out in an automated way can grow twice because digital approach helps to eliminate the inessential operational stages, outmoded models. On the whole, operation automation makes possible to create new business forms as long as digitization transfers the focus from managing the physical resources to navigating the digital data and analytics that becomes a new trend.

        Still, as someone may imagine the operation digitization means mostly equipping the enterprise with modern hardware, in a nutshell, it is more about developing a new approach to optimizing and utilizing the available funds by estimating the digital data and it’s processing as a most valuable resource. In fact, operation automation is not really a separate huge project that will substitute the existing business processes but more a more progressive way to carry out the existing processes by delivering a range of short-scale solutions that positively influence the system of handling customer’s needs and goals. Although process digitization is more about optimization of the existing functions, sometimes it may require removal of separate projects or be unifying few of them in one in order to reach more efficiency.

        One of the simplest ways to benefit from process automation is to change the business model of the enterprise into more mobile one by dividing working operations among small groups of staff each performing precise tasks within compressed time limits and being highly result-oriented. Another critical component is readiness for experiment, for example, in order to facilitate launch of the product on the market the group of staff has to supply the limited amount of prototype products and to learn the customers’ feedback after using it, then it will enable the staff to put more efforts for improving the product which is totally correct direction. This approach excludes the possibility of wasting time and efforts for working on those product characteristics which will be unnecessary as well it helps to extract maximum efficiency from the available resources. 

       Clearly, operation digitization when correctly implemented results in higher efficiency of the business processes and growing incomes. For example, a parking lot company succeeded to increase its annual revenue by 60 percent by creating and using a software which optimizes the car parking system and makes parking process easier for new drivers who downloaded a special app and got a tip from the parking robot where to put the car depending on which part of the building they want to reach after parking. In the another example, utilities supplying company decreased debt rate among the houses for late paying for water, electricity, and sewage after it allowed clients managing their consumption and financial details using the online accounts on the company’s website that helped them to distribute their funds more effectively and to plan expenses for months ahead.

        Indeed, one more core advantage of process digitization is the ability to make business operations flowing faster. This can be achieved by huge data mass processing digitally that enables staff to dissociate themselves from carrying out the routine highly energy-consuming tasks and to focus more on decision-making and creative planning where robots are less effective these days. Sharing the workload between robots and people in that way gives the possibility to get maximum usefulness from each of them by spending less energy and resources. Another field where operation automation results in faster performance are communication between each person and groups on the whole. By substantial communication channels design and planning it is possible to minimize information load on each staff and to prevent cases when the critical piece of data was lost under vast layers of side information.

       Flexibility when changing the business model of the enterprise is an extra advantage provided by process digitization. The truth is when the business direction of the company is going to be somewhat shifted or upgraded, the staff who used to work under same circumstances for rather long periods of time is less ready for transformation and it can take a long time to transfer business process with primarily human involvement. On the other hand, with process automation company’s system of business operations can be designed in a way that is flexible for upgrading and can adopt new changes fast and with low energy consumption. This makes the enterprise more ready for shifting business environment and more competitive when chasing customers’ expectations during the decision-making journey.

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