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Make your business data work for you. We develop solutions to manage and analyze the data you're getting.

Unlock the business potential of your incoming and generated data using analytical techniques and scientific approaches.

HUSPI Data Management Services


We increase the effectiveness and capabilities of your reporting, minimizing IT support costs, and improving the user experience within your product.


We provide data management services to ensure proper collection, storage, and streamlined processing of your business information.


We provide data integration services to empower your CRMs, ERPs, and other tools to create a consolidated data ecosystem for your business.


Our aftermarket data management service enables you to monitor the processes and continuously optimize them for better efficiency and performance.

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Reduce your time for extensive data analysis and benefit from business intelligence insights.

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Businesses and their clients generate a lot of data, which is useful only when appropriately managed. The full data management is trifold:
  • Data integration is responsible for collecting all types of data, including streaming and batch, and transforming it, so the data becomes ready to be consumed.
  • Data management is responsible for storing and processing the data securely and reliably.
  • Data analysis goes deep and uncovers new insights, using analytics tools as well as AI and machine learning algorithms to build models, which can be used later.

Since a lot of this data is related to some type of personal information, special measures have to be taken to make sure the data remains private and secure.


Improving business processes thanks to business intelligence insights
Supporting organic business growth
Providing decision-making insights to C-level managers and other departments
Automating and simplifying operations and application updates
Ensuring data security and adherence to GDPR
Conducting real-time market research based on the information provided by customers


There are many data management platforms and tools available on the market. However, if you would like to set up proper data management for your business, here are the steps that we take at HUSPI when we begin the process:

  • Preliminary assessment of data volume, velocity, and variety
  • Value measurement
  • Credibility verification
  • Thematic and statistical structuring
  • Essential elements extraction
  • Cross-component synthesis
  • Trends research and forecast

HUSPI as a Trusted Data Management Partner

Our team consists of highly-trained people with Ph.D. in cybernetics and fuzzy logic and working experience in the banking and financial sector, scientific research, and e-commerce companies.

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