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AgroTech: Digital Solutions for Your Agro Business

You know your agro business goals and KPIs. We know how to build software that helps businesses reach those goals in the most efficient way.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Got harvesters, but need to measure the distance traveled and fuel other than on a piece of paper?

Got sheep, but need to track their breeding information with something more efficient than Excel?

Got land, but need to automate its irrigation and fertilising or plot renting processes to save time?

Become #1 in your niche

Digital tools free your time, reduce routine, and let you focus on what you do best.

We, at HUSPI, believe that sustainable agriculture is the key to a safe future for generations to come. We’ve had experience with:

  • land plot management, renting, and sale
  • heavy machinery amortization and accounting
  • gamification elements implementation for clients
  • farm animal database implementation (“cow counting”)
  • manure & fertilizer management


Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

HUSPI as a Partner

The reasoning behind working with us is quite simple:

  • you know how to do agricultural business and its bottlenecks
  • we know how to build efficient software solutions like ERPs and dashboards

Your knowledge combined with our skills helps to optimize various business processes so they no longer have to be managed via phone with a ton of information being lost.

Our Process

The development process starts before we write the lines of code. What does the HUSPI development process look like for agro and farming businesses?


Understanding the need

Before we start offering software solutions, it’s important for us to understand your business goals in order to offer the best fitting option. Spending thousands of dollars on the development of a mobile app that doesn’t help you is pointless. We want you to succeed.


Building the solution

Sometimes this would mean building something from scratch, sometimes it will be an adaptation of an existing solution, and sometimes – integration with the software products you already have in place. It all depends on the goals specified in the first step.


Implementing the tools

Once everything is ready, we launch the product together with you and educate you and your employees on how to use it effectively.


Continuously supporting

When the development is done and the product is launched, we remain in contact to help you in case any issues arise.

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Tell us more about your business and how we can serve you.